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Twenty Eighteen

Journeymen Annual Report

Executive Summary

As 2018 comes to a close we feel a deep sense of gratitude and accomplishment as we reflect on a year of tremendous growth, challenge, and opportunity. With all that has transpired since our inception in 2016, it is sometimes easy for me to forget that we are just now entering our third year of activities. What a ride it has been!

We recognize you and the countless other members of our extended community who have helped to build what is now a robust and maturing organization. Every week Journeymen staff, mentors and youth drop into heart-centered spaces to unpack our “baggage” and practice what it means to be authentically human. This spring and summer we will once again welcome a new wave of aspiring young men into our community, supporting them to claim their gifts and deliver it to their people.

With the continued support of our donors, volunteers, mentors, community partners, Board and staff, and with the courageous participation from our youth and families, Journeymen is deepening our roots here in Puget Sound and branching out to serve more boys than ever before. Because of you, our collective future is looking bright.

Thank you for helping us inspire the men of tomorrow,

–   Nicky Wilks (Co-Founder & Executive Director)

Powered by Community

Connecting Our Best

People Served: 204

  • Youth - School Circles: 71
  • Youth - Camps & Quests: 52
  • Adults Trained: 81

Volunteer Hours: 2,525

  • In-School Mentoring: 445
  • Quests & Camps: 2,080

Uncharted Territory

New Offerings in 2018

Advanced Training for Mentors & Guides

Drawing from the well of ancient transformative process we grow closer to our own innate gifts through the art of mirroring stories and time-tested framework of the Medicine Wheel, coming to understand their applications in mentoring, Rites of Passage, and daily life.

Boys' Rite of Passage

ROPEs are introductory Rite of Passage Experiences offered to boys participating in a Journeymen school-based mentoring Circle (CIRCLES). Supported by peers, adult mentors, and trained professional guides, each will mark the beginning of their own hero’s journey as they grow closer to their unique gifts and that which stands in their way.

Challenge Course & Family Fundraiser

An event like no other, The Gauntlet brings together a dozen masterful challenges designed to stretch participants of all ages and stages to experience greater levels of connection, growth and FUN! Come solo, grab your family, or rally the whole crew for a day of EPIC.

Welcoming Adolescence

The Wayfinders Weekend is an introductory Rite of Passage experience designed for middle school aged students. Boys are encouraged and supported to test their physical, emotional, social and psychological boundaries, growing in their self-confidence, refining their leadership capacity, and deepening in character.

By The Numbers

Finances, Fundraising & Financial Aid

Income: $134,335

  • Program: $35,160
  • Grants: $40,000
  • Donors: $56,355
  • Events: $2,820

Expenditures: $89,053

  • Programs: $85,993
  • Mgmt & General: $2,992
  • Fundraising: $68

Financial Aid: $8,783

  • Fee Waivers: $7,983
  • Work Trade: $800