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Handling Loss During the Holiday Season

 Handling Loss During the Holiday Season Photo credit: Pixabay Losing a loved one can be a difficult experience, and made even more difficult when it happens during the holidays. The holiday season is a time of the year when we are supposed to be merry and full of festivity. It might seem hypocritical, or even [...]

Welcoming Echoes – A Feedback Guide for Guides

Welcoming Echoes: The Feedback Guide for Guides We’ve all been “there”. Maybe often, and hopefully decreasing in frequency. That frustrating place of wanting someone to drink from your juicy fountain of insight, only to have it splatter into a puddle and spoil. And we’ve all been “here”. This place of spongy absorption. Feeling open and ready [...]

Is America Ready for Adulthood?

Is America Ready for Adulthood? “What good is a path that doesn’t carry us to the edge of our capacity and then beyond that place? A true calling involves a great exposure before it can become a genuine refuge.” - Michael Meade Disclaimer: This is not intended to be a political opinion piece. Wow. What [...]

I Am Warrior

5 Steps to Epic: Warrior This affirmation is the first in a 5 part series that calls us into a larger story of life by embodying human archetypes. Stage one is the warrior. We invite you to allow these words to work on you, through you, and for you. Some may uncover significant power including this [...]