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Passing the Torch – Father and Son Campout

Passing the Torch

Father and Son Campout

“It was exactly what I had hoped to receive…Rites of Passage and connection with my son.” – Bill S.

Build an Unbreakable Bond

Spanning two days and one night under the stars, this experience provides fathers and their teen sons a time to connect, explore, and step outside of their regular routines. Recognizing the importance of this sacred dynamic, Journeymen guides and mentors help teen boys and their dads set the stage for revealing our true characters to one another, deepening the bond between father and son, opening channels for healthy communication, and planting the seeds for a lifetime of authentic sharing, fun adventures, and meaningful relationship.

This training is co-facilitated by Journeymen lead guide Nicky Wilks and Journeymen elders and guides Mark Timken (LMHCA) and Gary F. Waldron.


limited to 10 pairs

DATE : May 2 – 3, 2020, 10am – 4pm

VENUE : TBD – Vashon Island, WA

COST : $200 – $400 (sliding scale per pair)

Financial aid always available