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Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training


Note: The primary training session (Friday) is open to all genders. Men/males are encouraged to continue their training through the Father & Son Weekend which runs Friday evening through Sunday. The cost for Friday only is $250 and the cost for all 3 days is $450.


Designed for teachers, mentors, coaches, social workers, parents and anyone else who works with/or wants to work with children, teenagers, or peers more effectively. The skills learned in this training can be applied not only with youth but also in work environments.

This training is facilitated by Dr. Arne Rubinstein, author of the best-seller The Making of Men. Dr. Arne is internationally recognized as an expert in Rites of Passage and has over 30 years experience designing and running programs.


space is limited

DATE : april 21-23 2017, 9am fri – 6pm sun
VENUE : ayh ranch – vashon island, wa
COST : $450 (camping and meals included)

this interactive and cutting-edge 3 day experience will give you the skills, experience, and practical real-world tools to become a better mentor, coach, leader and parent



The Global Rites Of Passage Leadership Training will give you the skills, experience and practical real world tools to become a better mentor, coach, community leader and parent to youth going through transitional stages in their lives.

For anyone working with youth during their transitional years this program provides essential learning that will benefit you in all areas of your work and life.

  • A deeper understanding of the elements of a Rite of Passage and how to utilize them in your interactions with youth
  • Skills to support teenagers during their transitional years
  • Powerful techniques that can create positive behavioral changes in homes, workplaces and social settings
  • Essential entry level group facilitation skills
  • Understanding how to beneficially apply Rite Of Passage methods in your environment
  • Experience with designing your own programs
  • Guidance on how to create a personal business plan
  • A valuable network of contacts from all over the Puget Sound
  • A clear and easy to follow ongoing support pathway