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Rite of Passage Experience

Stoke Your Inner Fire

For Boys, Men & Mentors

Join a diverse group of boys, men and mentors from around the region as we build forever friendships and expand our definition of family. The R.O.P.E. is Journeymen’s most inclusive Rite of Passage event, calling together those brand new to our work as well as our most experienced guides, mentors and elders.

In a community of brothers we will share our stories around the big fire, pass down our skills ancient and modern, and play challenging games that will stretch our bodies and minds. Come solo, with a family member or friend – this event is open to any interested boy or man age 12+.

DATES: May 30 – 31, 2020


COST: $200 (Financial Aid Available)


Be Seen & Celebrated

Take off the masks and shine in your greatness. Feel how fun and free it is to be yourself and let go of the pressure to fit in with everyone else.  Your future is bright, and our job is to help you see it. With us, you are family. We’ve been waiting for you.


Find Your Center

Step out of your regular routine and into a sacred space and time. Learn to access the healing in the stories from your past and cultivate a better sense of who you are and where you want to be. Open your heart, calm your mind. Welcome home.


Mentor the Future

You’ve heard the call, and now is the time. Join the ranks of Journeymen staff and elders as we build a safe container for deep work, hone our facilitation skills in real time, and expand our reach to meet the needs of tomorrow’s leaders. We got you.


Who It's ForMale-Identified Age 12+

The ROPE Weekend is Journeymen’s most inclusive Rite of Passage course. If you or your son is curious about our work, or thinking about signing up for one of our longer, more intense courses, this is a great way to get to know us and our process before you commit. You’ll be surrounded by great guys who are either trying it out for this first time with you, or are already part of our growing family of committed young men, mentors and elders.

What Do I Bring?Only What You Need

This course is held at the Journeymen Basecamp, located in a wooded area on Vashon Island, WA. Participants are asked to bring what they need to spend two days and one night outside – for most people, this means a tent, sleeping bag and pad, some rugged clothes, and a water bottle (plus a bag to put it all in). If you have a drum or other musical instrument, bring it! However, please note that this is a 100% screen-free experience!