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Project Description

“Band of Brothers was a really powerful experience for me, causing me to look at all aspects of my life and see how they can work together to make me a happier and more confident person.” – Max Z

“Being a part of Band of Brothers has really helped me get through this time.” – Hamish C

Next session launches January 21st, 2021

Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:30pm for 16 weeks


Band with your brothers.

Level up your life.

For middle and high school boys

With the world shifting rapidly around us, Journeymen is leveraging the power of technology to meet more boys right where they’re at – getting them into nature, engaging their bodies, and making deep connections with peers and mentors.

Far more than a typical online course, the Band of Brothers is a dynamic, immersive experience that sets the stage for a solid start to young adulthood. Band of Brothers is built on the premise that all boys thrive when love, belonging, and connection are present in their lives. With playful adventure, heart-to-heart conversations, and engaging challenges, Band of Brothers helps boys navigate the turbulent times in their lives with a sense of balance, purpose, and confidence.


The Core Four

Building Strength Through Balance

Through our Core Four framework, boys will be encouraged and supported to test their physical, emotional, social edges, a process that refines leadership and interpersonal skills and deepens strength of character, inspiring greater self-confidence.


Being physically healthy allows us to fully experience life, have more fun, and show up for our commitments.

We practice movement, games, breathwork, full emotional expression, and nature connection.


Navigating life today requires keen awareness, mental clarity and healthy self-esteem.

We practice mindfulness and approach challenge with a growth-mindset, creating a positive self-identity and fostering resilience.


The wisdom of the heart, of emotional intelligence, is essential to living a healthy, balanced life.

We practice emotional awareness and expression through personal check-ins, embodied expression, and by cultivating a sense of compassion through authentic connection and relationship.


Each of us carries a unique set of innate abilities that our community needs to thrive. 

We practice strengths-based activities and look deep within each person to see who they truly are and cultivate their emerging gifts.

This transformational mentoring course includes:
  • Facilitated group calls with professional human-development Guides, adult mentors, and peers

  • 1-1 coaching sessions available for goal-setting and personalized support

  • Offline challenges that get boys into their bodies, into nature, and engaged in service

  • Lifetime access to our global, digital community of brothers, mentors, and guides dedicated to bringing out the best in our boys

  • Two parent workshops, offered at the start and finish of the course

  • Opportunities for leadership within the younger Band of Brothers groups

Band of Brothers

Do You Hear the Call?

Bring Out the Best

Built on the premise that all boys thrive with love, belonging, and connection. Band of Brothers is a 16-week immersive online experience for teen boys that sets the stage for a solid start to young adulthood.

Through our Core Four framework, boys will be encouraged and supported to test their physical, emotional, social and psychological boundaries, growing in their self-confidence, refining their leadership capacity, and deepening in character.

“Journeymen is changing the future for this community by inspiring and educating young men about the power they hold to impact their own fate and that of the world around them.”

– Superintendent of Schools

“We love the sense of empowerment that this gave to him. We can see a new sense of confidence and increase in self esteem both in his physical body and his emotional/spiritual self.”

– Parent

“There really are no words that do justice to how much gratitude I have for Journeymen to be a part of my son’s life – thank you – never underestimate the impact you are making in so many lives.”

– Parent

The Commitment

  • Participate in all weekly group calls
  • Commitment to attempt weekly challenges to the best of your ability
  • Use an offline, written journal to track the transformation as it happens

All group calls and workshops will use Zoom, a free online tool for hosting group meetings with video and audio. 

After our first group call, participants 13 years and older will be invited into our curated online Journeymen community with unique content, articles, and challenges designed just for youth.


Why do you work with boys and young men?2020-12-07T14:30:41-08:00
  • 1 in 3 young men have no positive male figure
  • Boys with no role model are 2x as likely to turn to crime
  • 1 out of 3 boys say they lack a sense of identity
  • Boys are 3.5x more likely to commit suicide than girls
  • Boys are less likely to apply to, attend, and graduate from college than their female peers

Recognizing that western society is struggling to properly welcome boys into manhood, Journeymen creates these necessary transformational experiences for adolescent boys to discover, refine, and amplify their authentic selves.

We encourage compassionate, inspired and resilient young men through nature-based rites of passage, mentorship, and community engagement.

Through these initiatives, Journeymen is deeply committed to fostering equitable and regenerative communities that address many of modern society’s most prominent issues, including sexual assault, violence against women, racism, and preserving and restoring natural resources.

When will Band of Brothers start?2020-12-18T15:21:22-08:00

Band of Brothers will start Thursday, January 21st and continue for 16 full weeks ending on Thursday, May 6th. Enrollment for Band of Brothers 2021 experience opens on December 9th.

What if my son doesn’t want to participate?2020-12-07T15:02:33-08:00

It is important to us that your son/boy says “Yes” to the experience. We’ve found that it can often be detrimental to the boy and the group when brought to an experience against their will.

That said, it is not uncommon for a boy/teen to initially resist an experience proposed by their parent or guardian. In this case, our staff team is always willing to hop on a call to chat with you and/or your son about Journeymen, the experience, and answer any questions/concerns they might have before making a decision.

We’ve found that once a boy has a better understanding of what he’s committing to and who he’ll be engaging with – he is much more empowered to make an informed decision that is in his overall best interest.

Is Journeymen a religious organization?2020-12-07T14:33:46-08:00

Journeymen Institute is not affiliated with any religious group or church.

We look to our external and internal environments for inspiration, wisdom, and guidance. Finding our place in nature is both fun and healthy.

I can’t afford this offering. Do you have Financial Aid?2020-12-09T16:56:11-08:00

Journeymen is committed to maximizing inclusion and access for participants who are unable to afford our courses and are otherwise qualified to enroll.

In recognition of historic and ongoing economic disadvantage, participants identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & Person of Color) may opt to waive Course Fees (except the required $25 processing fee), and/or pay what you wish/can toward enrollment.

We believe that finances should not prevent anyone from receiving the support they need to thrive. Simply select the “Financial Aid” option during the registration process.

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