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I Am Warrior

5 Steps to Epic: Warrior

This affirmation is the first in a 5 part series that calls us into a larger story of life by embodying human archetypes. Stage one is the warrior. We invite you to allow these words to work on you, through you, and for you.

Some may uncover significant power including this as part of a morning or daily routine: speak this passage to yourself in a mirror, to a friend, or on camera, every day for one week or more. How do you feel?

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now is my battlefield
i act with swift intention
and wield decisive power
my body is legion, my heart in command
piercing courage flows through me
i am protected by an impenetrable armor of noble cause
i lock eyes with my fear
i stampede insecurities
infallable truth is my war cry
my wounds remind me to be present
my scars show that time heals
i am supported by my village
farmers, craftsmen, merchants and mothers
each no less heroic than i
the real enemy is doubt
our best weapon is faith
i rise to meet opportunity
i deflect empty threats
i acknowledge real danger
i stand at my best


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