•      inspiring the men of tomorrow

Our Philosophy

all boys are born with a unique gift for the world


healthy men are made through mentorship

green nature man

We have 3 simple values we hold close to our heart

Nature is the ultimate teacher

We look to our external and internal environments for inspiration, wisdom, and guidance. Finding our place in nature is both fun and healthy.

Growth requires discomfort, not pain

Balancing healthy risk with safety is where this work shines. Finding and knowing our personal edges is empowering.

Integration brings it home

Ongoing support and engagement creates lasting change in us and in our communities. The real work happens everyday.

“The future is not out there in front of us, but inside us.”
– Joanna Macy


building strength through balance


Being physically healthy allows us to fully experience life, have more fun, and show up.


Navigating life today requires keen awareness, mental clarity and healthy self-esteem.


The creative spark of the universe connects and propels us to our highest and brightest potential.


All of us carry a unique set of innate abilities that make the world a more beautiful place.


Our Mission

re-defining what it means to be a man

The Gap

  • 1 in 3 young men have no positive male figure
  • Boys with no role model are 2x as likely to turn to crime
  • 1 out of 3 boys say they lack a sense of identity
  • Boys are 3.5x more likely to commit suicide than girls
  • Boys are less likely to apply to, attend, and graduate from college than their female peers

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The Bridge

Recognizing that western society fails to properly initiate boys into manhood, Journeymen creates these necessary transformational experiences for adolescent boys to discover, refine, and amplify their authentic selves.

We build compassionate, inspired and resilient young men through nature-based rites of passage, long-term mentoring, and community engagement.

Through these initiatives, Journeymen is deeply committed to fostering equitable and regenerative communities that address many of modern society’s most prominent issues, namely, sexual assault, violence against women, and the excessive abuse of natural resources.

“One of the most reliable predictors of whether a boy will succeed or fail in high school rests on a single question: does he have a man in his life to look up to?” – Newsweek Magazine