•      inspiring the men of tomorrow

Our Youth

Our Youth are a diverse group of boys both from Vashon and the greater Seattle area. They represent a broad spectrum of young men, coming together to form a community, brotherhood, and a shared love of the wild.

“The experience was completely life changing – actually 100% life changing. I haven’t felt this good. Ever.”

– Boy 1

“It’s hard thinking about becoming a man because in our society there isn’t a concrete way of doing it, but Journeymen really helps you to step into those shoes and step up into becoming the role of a man.”

– Boy 2

“The friendships and guidance from the mentors really stuck with me, and I feel like I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

– Boy 3

“Keep up your extraordinary work. One can easily see that every step and word is filled with noble intention, warm integrity, authentic vulnerability, deep and easy virtue, love and light. It is exactly what is needed, so desperately by our kids today, no matter whether they are male or female.”

– Mom 1

“I was simply blown away by the depth of awareness, honesty, and connection these guys expressed today and feel such a profound gratitude for your vision and effort. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Mom 2