•      inspiring the men of tomorrow

Who We Are


Journeymen is a 501c3 non-profit organization currently based on Vashon Island, WA.

Our vision is to regenerate modern society through the inspiration of young men.

Recognizing that modern, Western culture is failing to initiate boys into healthy adulthood, Journeymen facilitates these vital experiences to guide the men of tomorrow to discover their authentic gifts, create a strong vision for their future, and fully engage in their lives through meaningful service and effective, heart-centered action.

We build compassionate, inspired and resilient young men through nature-based rites of passage, ongoing mentorship, and community engagement.

Journeymen’s key offerings include in-school positive mentoring courses for boys, multi-day outdoor quests, weekend camps for families, and intensive training courses for adults seeking personal and professional development as youth ​mentors and guides.

A Companionship Story

Alex & Nicky trace their friendship back to 1st grade, when Alex moved to Vashon. As boys they experienced much of what childhood and adolescence had to offer, including a plethora of competitive sports, outdoor adventures, and the importance of mentorship.

With a bond of brothers, both men are honored to continue our life journey together and co-create a world they feel proud to pass down to the youth of today and tomorrow.

Our Leadership

Nicky Wilks

Executive Director

Born and raised on Vashon Island, Nicky is a product of nature and community. In addition to his primary work as a youth mentor and facilitator with Journeymen, his past professional experience includes 12 years coaching youth sports, 5 years in college admissions counseling, and 4 years as a human development guide. Nicky is deeply committed to the cultivation of transformational environments, wherever and whenever the opportunity may arise, and welcomes the growth that stems from healthy challenge. After receiving his M.B.A. from Chapman University he has since dedicated the last half decade of his life to radical personal evolution and supporting regenerative business enterprise. His favorite activities include archery, adventure riding, and re-discovering the magic of life with his son.

Alex Craighead

Program Director

Local to the Pacific Northwest and a Vashon Island native, Alex is a highly enthusiastic & compassionate educator with 10 years of classroom experience. Dedicated to empowering youth, he earned his Masters in Teaching from Seattle University and currently teaches P.E. at Chautauqua Elementary. With twelve years of experience as a youth sports coach and extensive training as a wilderness rites of passage guide, Alex brings a unique, creative energy to the Journeymen team. Having personally witnessed the many challenges facing young men today, he is highly committed to providing the space and support for adolescent boys to make a healthy and meaningful transition into young adulthood. A few of Alex’s many passions include DJing, world travel, and photography.