What is Mentorship?

True mentorship is an art. A commitment to personal and cultural evolution. And one of the most powerful ways to enact positive change in our world.

For many, it feels like a lost aspect of our modern communities. With traditional mentoring roles becoming less common, and without a basic understanding of effective and safe mentoring dynamics, we are collectively responsible for reclaiming this important cultural function.


Do you Hear the Call?

For adults with a clear interest in this work, becoming a Mentor means directly impacting the lives of the generations after you while cultivating your own authentic gifts. Perfect mentors need not apply – we walk the path of growth together.

This commitment requires regular monthly availability and/or participation in at least one of our overnight ROPs. Training is diverse, involving hard and soft skills as well as regular check-ins with your own mentors. This role is ideal for fathers, mothers, educators, coaches, and all other adults who are ready to take a stand for healthy masculinity and supporting the men of tomorrow.

Become a Mentor

Mentorship is a vital ingredient for a healthy society, encouraging collaboration across the generations by tapping into the innate genius of our youth and reclaiming the wisdom within our adults.” 

– Nicky Wilks

“A mentor is someone who can reassure each child of his innate worth, instill values, guide curiosity, and encourage a purposeful life.”

– Dr. Arne Rubinstein

Our Guiding Virtues


COMPASSIONIt is healthy, cool and practical for a male to be sensitive to himself and his environment. By cultivating our social emotional skills we become more connected to ourselves and our world.

INTEGRITY By exploring our personal, familial and cultural value systems we discover our own moral compass, practice accountability while staying in alignment with ourselves, and claim an authentic identity.

RESILIENCE In life, failing is not just an option, it is a given. By resourcing ourselves and each other we learn to cope through crisis and respond confidently to adversity.

COMMUNITY We recognize our place in the human and non-human community. Mutual respect and appreciation is cultivated through engaging with diverse community members across the generations.

LEADERSHIP Leaders take initiative to enact positive change in themselves and their world, even if it isn’t easy or a popular choice at the time. We support each other as we stretch into advanced roles in life.

EQUITY With self-confidence we bring awareness to systemic injustice and empower ourselves and others to stand in solidarity with the under-served and oppressed.

SERVICE – Giving back doesn’t have to be boring and shouldn’t feel obligatory. Through creative inspiration and collaboration we discover effective and fun ways to share our unique gifts with the world.