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Mentor the Future

“A mentor is someone who can reassure each child of his innate worth, instill values, guide curiosity, and encourage a purposeful life.”

– Dr. Arne Rubinstein


explore our unique mentorship opportunities below


(young men / past participants)

Designed for our past participants and young adults who are interested in becoming a guide, Apprenticeship involves a total immersion into the work before, during and after our ROPs. Apprentices shadow the staff through processes, receive honest and thorough feedback, and directly engage with participants at all legs of the journey.

Become part of the staff team and help re-create the magic you experienced through your first journey with us. Now enrolling for summer camps, quests and courses.


(adult men)

True mentorship is the lost art of our ancestors. For adult men with a clear passion for this work, becoming a Mentor means directly impacting the lives of the generations after you while cultivating your own authentic gifts. Perfect men need not apply.

This commitment requires regular monthly availability and participation in at least one of our 10-day ROPs. Training is diverse, involving hard and soft skills as well as regular check-ins with your own mentors. This role is ideal for fathers, educators, coaches, and all other adult men who are ready to take a stand for healthy masculinity.


(experienced professionals)

You bring an already refined skill-set in one or more areas, and you know how to share your knowledge and wisdom with youth. You are the spark that rekindles the fading flames of boyhood curiosity and wonder, and we invite you to collaborate with us to inspire the future generations with practical know-how and down-to-Earth delivery.

This position usually involves instructing specific skills and workshops for youth, including (but certainly not limited to) activities like martial arts, primitive skills, archery, or bouldering. Though we encourage everyone to consider it, this position may not require a long-term commitment.