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Do You Hear The Call?

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Become A Mentor


     Mentorship is an art. A commitment to building a better future. And one of the most powerful ways to enact positive change in your world. Our model involves engagement across the generations, including intensive training, ongoing support, and diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth.

With several roles that fit all levels of prior experience, Journeymen relies on Mentors to sustain our community and accomplish our mission.



     Volunteer your time with Journeymen and directly impact the lives of the youth in your community. Many roles are available across a wide range of events, including behind-the-scenes support and working directly with youth.

     If you feel a call to help, and aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us using the link below to learn how you can help us build a more beautiful world through the inspiration of young men.

Join Our Team


     Do you have experience in rites of passage, outdoor education, and/or mentoring youth? We’re seeking talented and passionate guides to assist us with our signature 10-day Boys ROPs and various workshops.

     If you resonate with our purpose and want to explore professional opportunities with Journeymen, use the form below to initiate a conversation with us and we will follow up with you after review.