Our Impact

Since 2016, Journeymen has partnered with 5 different schools in the Puget Sound area to provide weekly in-school mentorship to 150+ boys and welcomed over 100 youth through our Rites of Passage experiences. Last year alone we generated over 2,500 volunteer hours in our community and provided financial aid and scholarship opportunities for over 75% of our participants.

Over the past few years, Journeymen has provided school wide ‘Impact Days’, positively impacting the school culture, provided dynamic professional development training for teachers, and designed custom courses and overnight experiences for schools around the Puget Sound, including McMurray Middle School & Seattle School for Boys.

“Journeymen is changing the future for this community by inspiring and educating young men about the power they hold to impact their own fate and that of the world around them.”

– Superintendent of Schools

“The experience was completely life changing – actually 100% life changing. I haven’t felt this good. Ever.”

– Youth

“There really are no words that do justice to how much gratitude I have for Journeymen to be a part of my son’s life – thank you – never underestimate the impact you are making in so many lives.”

– Parent

“I can say with confidence that Journeymen is changing the lives of these children and setting them on a new path for their future that they never knew was possible.”

–  Superintendent of Schools

“Keep up your extraordinary work. One can easily see that every step and word is filled with noble intention, warm integrity, authentic vulnerability, deep and easy virtue, love and light. It is exactly what is needed, so desperately by our kids today, no matter whether they are male or female.”

– Parent

“We love the sense of empowerment that this trip gave to him. We can see a new sense of confidence and increase in self esteem both in his physical body and his emotional/spiritual self.”

– Parent

“One of the most valuable professional development sessions I have had in 25 years of teaching,”

– Teacher

Boys who participate in Journeymen…

  • Increase attendance at school

  • Improve listening & communication skills

  • Develop a positive personal identity

  • Build meaningful intergenerational relationships

  • Feel a sense of belonging in their lives

  • Expand their ability to empathize and take the perspective of others

  • Develop a core set of values

  • Improve ability to resolve conflict

  • Engage in meaningful service for school and community

  • Increase awareness of emotions and influence on behavior

  • Increase decision-making & problem solving skills

In collaboration with Global Washington & Women of the World, Journeymen shares a powerful message to boys and men as part of Take Heart You are Not Alone campaign to end gender violence through art.

Through our initiatives, Journeymen is deeply committed to fostering equitable and regenerative communities that reduce the ill-effects of unhealthy masculinity present in our world today: namely, sexual assault, violence against women, and the excessive abuse of natural resources.