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Project Description

Group Trips

Nature-Based Experiential Learning

For Your School Group, Team or Organization

Hire Journeymen to lead your group into deeper connection to self, community, and nature. Highly-trained guides implement our Rites of Passage methodology to ensure that each experience is tailored to meet the unique needs of everyone involved. Way beyond basic safety, we carefully manage risk across the social, emotional, physical, and psychological planes to help youth and adults find new “edges” and learn to love a healthy challenge.

Leave the logistics to us and bring out the absolute best of your crew in some of the most beautiful parts of our region. From 8th grade graduations to pre-season team bonding, we can design a formative experience to take your group to the next level – wherever that is!



GROUP SIZES: 12 – 120

LOCATIONS: Seattle, Tacoma, & Greater Salish Sea (Puget Sound)

LENGTH: Typically 2 – 5 days (longer by request)

“The experience was completely life changing – actually 100% life changing. I haven’t felt this good. Ever.”

– Youth

“There really are no words that do justice to how much gratitude I have for Journeymen to be a part of my son’s life – thank you – never underestimate the impact you are making in so many lives.”

– Parent

“The Quest showed me how to love myself and to trust what I was doing in life.”

– Youth

Key Benefits

  • Distributed group leadership & higher engagement

  • Increased social-emotional intelligence

  • Stronger inter-generational relationships (youth-adult-elder)

  • Greater trust and communication skills

  • Clearer mission, vision and/or purpose

  • Create positive rituals and traditions

Group Trips

How it Works

How it Works

Get in touch to start the convo. We’ll follow up to learn more about your vision for your group and how we can support. If it feels like a fit, Journeymen will create a custom course proposal with the option to hire us as your personal field guides. We specialize in creating accessible, and powerful nature-based experiences for folks of all genders, and we love making new partnerships!


Why is CIRCLES during school hours?2019-12-29T14:55:55-08:00

By creating safe spaces for boys and young men to begin to process their personal and shared traumas we are addressing the needs of some of our regions most impacted youth and providing pathways to success in school and beyond.

Why do you work with boys and young men?2019-12-31T00:21:23-08:00
  • 1 in 3 young men have no positive male figure
  • Boys with no role model are 2x as likely to turn to crime
  • 1 out of 3 boys say they lack a sense of identity
  • Boys are 3.5x more likely to commit suicide than girls
  • Boys are less likely to apply to, attend, and graduate from college than their female peers

Recognizing that western society is struggling to properly welcome boys into manhood, Journeymen creates these necessary transformational experiences for adolescent boys to discover, refine, and amplify their authentic selves.

We encourage compassionate, inspired and resilient young men through nature-based rites of passage, mentorship, and community engagement.

Through these initiatives, Journeymen is deeply committed to fostering equitable and regenerative communities that address many of modern society’s most prominent issues, namely, sexual assault, violence against women, and the excessive abuse of natural resources.

What is a Rite of Passage (ROP)?2019-12-23T20:24:22-08:00

A rite of passage is a ceremony and marks the transition from one phase of life to another. Although it is often used to describe the tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood, it does refer to any of life’s transitions (Births and Beginnings, Initiations, Partnerings, and Endings or Death). There are many passages in our lives we can choose to mark and celebrate.

What if we don’t have any camping gear?2019-12-23T19:59:10-08:00

Not a problem! We do our best to accommodate each family’s needs and, with enough notice,can try to find any items that you might need for the experience. We have also teamed up with the WTA (Washington Trails Association) and on occasion have access to their lending ‘Gear Library’.

What if my son doesn’t want to go on the camp?2019-12-23T20:12:46-08:00

It is important to us that your son/boy says “Yes” to the experience. We’ve found that it can often be detrimental to the boy and the group when brought to an overnight experience against their will.

That said, it is not uncommon for a boy/teen to initially resist an experience proposed by their parent or guardian. In this case, our staff team is always willing to hop on a call to chat with you and/or your son about Journeymen, the experience, and answer any questions/concerns they might have before making a decision.

We’ve found that once a boy has a better understanding of what he’s committing to and who he’ll be engaging with – he is much more empowered to make an informed decision that is in his overall best interest.

What does CIRCLES cost?2019-12-31T00:26:11-08:00

In-school CIRCLES meetups are free to attend, and fees for outdoor adventures and off-site trips are sliding scale with fee waivers available for those in need.

Is Journeymen a religious organization?2019-12-31T00:21:23-08:00

Journeymen Institute is not affiliated with any religious group or church.

We look to our external and internal environments for inspiration, wisdom, and guidance. Finding our place in nature is both fun and healthy.

I can’t afford this camp. Do you have Financial Aid?2019-12-23T20:06:52-08:00

Journeymen is committed to making our experiences accessible to
all who feel called to participate. By expressing an interest in or need
for financial aid, you have empowered yourself to take charge of your
future and modeled one of our favorite life skills: asking for help!

We believe that finances should not prevent anyone from receiving
the support they need to thrive. And, we know how much more
effective this work can be when people are asked to stretch
themselves to make it possible.

How many boys are in each group?2019-12-29T14:45:56-08:00

Each circle is capped at 15 students and requires an adult-youth ratio of at least 1:5

How are mentors selected?2019-12-31T00:21:23-08:00

All mentors participate in an intensive 8-hour training and submit to a full background check process.

How are boys selected for these groups?2019-12-29T14:41:44-08:00

Enrollment is coordinated with school staff based on needs and capacity. We encourage interested parents to submit a Registration Form if interested in particpating and we will do our best to accommodate your request.