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Project Description

Build and Unbreakable Bond

For teen boys and their dad or male mentor
Cancelled for 2020 Season


Spanning two days and one night under the stars, this experience provides fathers and their teen sons a time to connect, explore, and step outside of their regular routines. Recognizing the importance of this sacred dynamic, Journeymen guides and mentors help teen boys and their dads set the stage for revealing our true characters to one another, deepening the bond between father and son, opening channels for healthy communication, and planting the seeds for a lifetime of authentic sharing, fun adventures, and meaningful relationship.

As boys transition into becoming young men, fathers are called to shift the relationship they have with their son . This weekend campout for teens is designed to help boys deepen key relationships with their father or male mentor.




DATES: Cancelled for 2020


COST: $200 – $400 (Sliding Scale  Per Pair) *



“This is a unique and wonderful experience. The Journeymen team provides a really loving and fun atmosphere while still allowing space for reflection and ritual. Every event is thoughtfully balanced and planned out. They gained our trust from the word go, and all I had to do was leave it up to them and their great staff, which allowed me to just spend time with my son. Invaluable.

– Father

“The care with which the staff prepared for and led us through each session was exemplary. Really thoughtful and well planned. Both of us had a wonderful time.”

– Father

“The Passing the Torch Weekend was a great opportunity for fathers & sons (and Mentors & Mentees) to spend quality time together camping out, doing fun stuff together, and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Thanks for creating a great experience!”

– Father

Over the weekend campout, you will:
  • Build a stronger father/son relationship

  • Cultivate healthy communication skills

  • Increase awareness of challenges facing teens today

  • Explore creative solutions to supporting your son

  • Deepen your connection with nature

Passing the Torch

(Who It's For)

Who It's For

This weekend is designed for teenage boys (13+) and their father or male mentor.

The campout will be a fun and powerful experience that will have a genuine impact on the relationship between you (the father and/or primary male mentor) and your son.


What is a Rite of Passage (ROP)?2019-12-23T20:24:22-08:00

A rite of passage is a ceremony and marks the transition from one phase of life to another. Although it is often used to describe the tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood, it does refer to any of life’s transitions (Births and Beginnings, Initiations, Partnerings, and Endings or Death). There are many passages in our lives we can choose to mark and celebrate.

What if we don’t have any camping gear?2019-12-23T19:59:10-08:00

Not a problem! We do our best to accommodate each family’s needs and, with enough notice,can try to find any items that you might need for the experience. We have also teamed up with the WTA (Washington Trails Association) and on occasion have access to their lending ‘Gear Library’.

What if my son doesn’t want to participate?2020-12-07T15:02:33-08:00

It is important to us that your son/boy says “Yes” to the experience. We’ve found that it can often be detrimental to the boy and the group when brought to an experience against their will.

That said, it is not uncommon for a boy/teen to initially resist an experience proposed by their parent or guardian. In this case, our staff team is always willing to hop on a call to chat with you and/or your son about Journeymen, the experience, and answer any questions/concerns they might have before making a decision.

We’ve found that once a boy has a better understanding of what he’s committing to and who he’ll be engaging with – he is much more empowered to make an informed decision that is in his overall best interest.

Is Journeymen a religious organization?2020-12-07T14:33:46-08:00

Journeymen Institute is not affiliated with any religious group or church.

We look to our external and internal environments for inspiration, wisdom, and guidance. Finding our place in nature is both fun and healthy.

I can’t afford this offering. Do you have Financial Aid?2020-12-09T16:56:11-08:00

Journeymen is committed to maximizing inclusion and access for participants who are unable to afford our courses and are otherwise qualified to enroll.

In recognition of historic and ongoing economic disadvantage, participants identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & Person of Color) may opt to waive Course Fees (except the required $25 processing fee), and/or pay what you wish/can toward enrollment.

We believe that finances should not prevent anyone from receiving the support they need to thrive. Simply select the “Financial Aid” option during the registration process.

How are mentors selected?2020-08-27T16:59:32-07:00

All mentors participate in an intensive 8-hour training and submit to a full background check process.

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