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The Elements of Transformation

For Adults of All Ages & Genders

Designed for adults of all ages, genders and backgrounds who wish to participate as a mentor during one of Journeymen’s summer courses and/or pursue professional work in Rites of Passage, youth mentoring, and/or outdoor education. This introductory-level training delivers highly impactful tools that will benefit teachers, mentors, coaches, social workers, parents and anyone else who works with/or wants to work with children, teenagers, or their peers more effectively.

This training utilizes a combination of didactic (information-sharing) and experiential learning techniques. This entirely-outdoor experience welcomes our environment to inform and guide our flow together, and requires that each participant is prepared for north west spring weather.



DATES: Sunday, April 21 2024


COST: $200 *

* Financial Aid Available


“My experience at Navigation 1 course was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. Compassionate people who are care for the quality of life for all living beings. Thank you for the work you do.”

“Journeymen deliver an integral introduction to navigating rites of passage for youth. Their approach unites theory and practice in a way that enlivens, honours and stays open to the mystery. They are also very connected to the vital importance of this work at this time of collective crisis. Their leadership is at once connected and soulful.”

“Thank you for your commitments to all Journeymen staff and mentors! You’ve made an inspiring dent in my universe and I am challenged to take this training and use it to up my game. Thanks for the challenge!”

Key Benefits:
  • Understand and experience the essential framework of a Rite of Passage (ROPs)

  • Be aware of liminal space and its application in transformational work

  • Have a basic understanding of nature-based human development

  • Be more confident and competent in your role as a mentor

  • Clearly understand the elements of safe and effective mentoring

  • Be able to recognize opportunities for mentorship in your personal and professional lives

  • Prepare yourself to mentor and/or staff on a Journeymen ROP


(What to Expect)

What to Expect

Starting with enrollment, participants will be consistently invited to reflect, imagine, and share openly in a group setting. Though this experience is designed as an entry-point into our work, we ask you to prepare to explore your own boundaries in speaking openly and claiming leadership roles for yourself. We’re excited to work together.