Project Description

Be good with your whole self.

Online, for male-identified adults

The simple act of coming together with the spirit of growth, trust, and openness is a soothing balm for the psyche & soul in this age of isolation, volatility, and confusion. Woven together in a sacred container, our stories, experiences and living questions provide the medicine for healing and whole-ing – individual and collective.

The Men’s Council is a place where you can show up fully, let down your guard, and open to the depths of your inner world. Led by experienced Journeymen guides through the ancient Way of Council, this experience invites you to rekindle your inner fire through intimate relationship with yourself and a community of brothers.

Going without a set agenda, themes of relationship, marriage, masculinity, parenting, money, and purpose may emerge – perhaps more. Each of us is on our own journey, moving at our own pace. No matter where you are now, you are welcome here.




DATES: Jan 21 – May 20 (4 months)

TIMES: Thursdays, 7:30 – 9:30pm


COST: $400 – $600 Sliding Scale

GUIDE: Patrick Good



  • Ritual and a familiar, evolving structure
  • Time and space for each man to “check-in” and receive support, if needed
  • An accessible movement, meditation, and/or breathing practice.
  • Inquiry, invitations and activities toward cultivating healthy male identity, meaning and purpose


  • Forge a deeper relationship with yourself, your wounds, and your gifts

  • Have a trusted, safe space to express, vent, rant, etc. as opposed to a partner, family member or colleague

  • Be lovingly and consciously witnessed and offered feedback, if desired

  • The opportunity to ask for accountability and encouragement on the things that matter most to you

  • Awareness of your “shadow”, and how it shows up in your life

The Men's Council

(Who It's For)

For you. With You.

The Men’s Council is an inclusive, welcome space for adults who identify as male seeking to deepen their connection to self and community.

Early in our journey and once our group is formed we will co-create a set of group agreements that will provide the “container” for our shared work together.