The One Village Initiative is an ongoing conversation that will take shape as we engage with our community. It is important for us to move delicately and deliberately to ensure we are acting in integrity with our mission, values and the needs of our “village”. 

At this time we are committed to offering Kindle, our 2 day, one night campout for youth of all genders and one of their parents/guardians. After careful consideration, we decided that this experience was well suited to become our first offering in the One Village Initiative in 2022, as it is focused on the parent-child bond, targeted for younger participants, and was already held by a gender-diverse staff.

We are are currently considering piloting a version of The Quest for teens / young adults of all genders. The final decision to offer this experience will be determined at a later date, after further conversation with potential staff, our elders council, our network of professional guides, youth advisors, and our board of directors.

Many of our Journeymen training courses are offered to folks of all genders, and we will continue our tradition of offering many opportunities for youth and adults to develop their skills in mentorship and rites of passage leadership that furthers the Journeymen mission as well as the goal of the One Village Initiative.