The shift toward a more inclusive model is one that has come as the result of significant deliberation among our youth, staff, board, council of elders, and community partners. Since our beginning in 2016 we have consistently heard a call from our stakeholders to build upon the success of our model and expand to work with folks of all genders. And it has required us to dig deep into our values, consider our resources and capacity, as well as our vision for the work we have committed our hearts to:




We’ve always known that the benefits of creating male-specific groups are only beneficial if we also consider the ways we must integrate our growth into the “Real world”, where we regularly interact with folks of all genders in virtually all aspects of our lives. While it might not seem obvious at first, we believe that this initiative will help us realize our vision sooner and more fully, and also integrate vital learning from folks across the gender spectrum to enrich the lives of the whole village around us.