As an initiated European-American woman, Darcy’s strongest passion is exploring how those of us disconnected from our traditional rites of passage can reclaim and create rites and practices meaningful and relevant in our lives and communities at this time, in ways that are in solidarity with the struggles of marginalized communities in our home places and around the globe.

Darcy has guided hundreds of youth and adults through wilderness-based initiatory experiences. I was the Executive Director of Rite of Passage Journeys from 2006 – 2011, and the Rite of Passage Supervisor/Interim Program Director of Pacific Quest. Most recently, I helped to birth Youth Passageways, a diverse network of individuals, organizations, and communities working to support the initiation of young people into mature adulthood in these transition times.

Darcy helps individuals, organizations, and communities navigate transitions in meaningful and culturally-relevant ways. Her work can be described with a number of different titles, including rite of passage guide, facilitator, educator, consultant, and mentor. She considers herself a bridge-builder and a shapeshifter, often showing up differently depending on the needs of her environment and community.

Key Points

During our session with Darcy we explore such themes as:

  • What are some of the historical lessons within rites of passage?
  • Why are rites of passage important today?
  • What is special about adolescence?
  • What is the mission of Youth Passageways?
  • How can folks get involved in this work?
  • And much, much more…

For those looking to view Darcy’s TED Talk referenced in the podcast, you can do so here. Also, be sure to visit her website and get in touch with her if you feel called to enlist her talents in this work.

Additionally, Darcy is Co-Facilitating an upcoming workshop that we hope you will check out. “Before We Were White” is an online workshop series for white-identified people seeking greater emotional resilience in their work against racism and for a sustainable future.

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Episode 6: Darcy Ottey