Dominique Davis is a pinnacle in his Seattle community. Devoting himself to working with some of the most disadvantaged youth in our region, “Coach Dom” once made his greatest impact through sports, mentoring and coaching kids to keep them off the streets and on a better path.

Now, as the founder of Community Passageways, Dom leads efforts to re-imagine how communities can rally behind traumatized youth, abolishing the “cradle to prison” pipeline and building support systems that enforce positive identities and key life skills. Through mentoring, career development, housing placement, restorative justice, and diversion programs to keep kids out of prison, Dom is a true leader in youth-centered community building, and an ideal example of how a man once consumed by the systems of oppression can turn his life around for the good of himself and his people.

Community Passageways, founded in 2015, works with school administrators, police departments, justice officials, correctional center staff, religious institutions, and families to establish healthy, happy, safe communities.

Key Points

During our session with Dom we explore such themes as:

  • What are the primary ways Community Passageways is working with youth today?
  • How did Dom’s story and upbringing influence his path to becoming a youth advocate?
  • What is true restorative justice? And what is it not?
  • How are folks in our region leading the nation in youth development?
  • How can we build relationships between school admins, teachers, and students?
  • What might a Journeymen x Community Passageways collaboration look like?
  • And much, much more…

Keep in mind, this session is longer than normal, and may have a couple slip ups of profanity and/or intense dialogue.

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Episode 7: Dominique Davis