Michael C. Reichert, Ph.D., is founding director of the Center for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives at the University of Pennsylvania, and a clinical practitioner specializing in boys and men who has conducted extensive research globally. From counseling youth involved in the juvenile justice system through experiences leading treatment teams in a psychiatric hospital, Dr. Reichert has tested his understanding of children with practical, even life-saving, challenges.

His newest book titled How to Raise a Boy – The Power of Connection to Build Good Men is now available to order. In this timely and important volume, Reichert explains how the paradigms about boys needing to be stoic and “man like” can actually cause them to shut down, leading to anger, isolation, and disrespectful or even destructive behaviors. The key to changing the culture lies in how parents, educators, and mentors help boys develop socially and emotionally.

Key Points

During our session with Dr. Reichert we touch on key questions, like:

  • What is happening in our culture right now in regards to male behavior?
  • Why is a “relationship first” mentality so important when working with boys, in particular?
  • How can single moms best support their boys as they move toward becoming a man?
  • What do you think are the biggest challenges facing boys today?
  • What were some pivotal moments from your own experiences that have shaped your work with boys?

We wish we had more time to dive even deeper with Michael! His new book goes even deeper into these themes, as well as other critical topics such as technology, addiction, and mental health for developing males. Be sure to order your copy today or purchase it at your local bookstore.

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Episode 9: Michael Reichert