Dr. Arne is an expert on adolescent development, with 30 years experience as a medical doctor, counselor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. His programs and seminars have been been attended by over 25,000 people globally and are designed to support boys to successfully make a safe, healthy transition to young men, with a particular focus on creating coming of age Rites of Passage. In 2008, he was nominated for Australian of the Year for his groundbreaking work with youth.

Dr Arne’s 2013 book, The Making of Men, has become a bestseller and is a practical handbook for parents and teachers of boys. It is the culmination of his years of experience in working with teens and their parents, in particular fathers and sons.

He was the Founding CEO of the Pathways Foundation, 2000-2008 an organisation that creates contemporary Rites of Passage for adolescents. Dr Arne was also the founder of Uplifting Australia in 2013, a not-for-profit set up to improve the emotional well-being and resilience of children and their families around Australia. His work has been informed by practicing for 15 years as a GP specializing in adolescent health, and preventative and emergency medicine.

Key Points

During this inaugural session we cover:

  • Dr. Arne’s background as a medical doctor and the reasons he chose to recenter his life around providing rites of passage
  • An easily digestible definition for a “Rite of Passage” and some examples that demonstrate why ROPs are so important today
  • The key issues teen boys are facing in the modern era
  • A simple and practical tool from Dr. Arne’s book that can help mentors, teachers, parents and coaches evaluate and track the well-being of the youths in their lives.

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Episode 1: Arne Rubinstein