As President and Founder of All It Takes, Lori Woodley has dedicated her life to conscious parenting and child development  After 25 years as a school counselor focusing on experiential learning, parenting support, peer programs and emotional intelligence, Lori now spends her time writing and speaking on these key issues, leading workshops, and guiding the All It Takes team to touch the lives of hundreds of youth every year through their transformational camps and programs.

In addition to her work with All It Takes, Lori is a prime example of someone who is willing to “walk the walk” and show up in support of what she believes. On one such occasion, during one of her many trips out to Standing Rock in the past year, Lori played a key role in organizing a Thanksgiving Day feast celebrating the Indigenous Peoples local to the area and those visiting in solidarity to the water protection cause. Because of her efforts, and as the world watched, thousands of us joined together in peace and intention at Standing Rock High School to listen to the voices of committed elders, youth, and adults who had something meaningful to share. And it was beautiful.

Key Points

This episode is packed with valuable info! During our conversation we cover:

  • Lori’s extensive work with youth and families and her motivation to create All It Takes
  • One of the least mentioned and most important things every parent needs to prioritize
  • A super simple technique to radically improve how we communicate with young people
  • An effective framework that hones in on the importance of adolescence and our role as parents, mentors and youth advocates
  • A 3-stage process for creating transformational qualities in virtually any environment
  • Lori’s upcoming book releases
  • And more!

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Episode 2: Lori Woodley